Distance learning with GeoGebra

GeoGebra's apps and resources help foster active, student-centered, discovery learning. Whether you're teaching in a fully remote, hybrid, or typical classroom setting, GeoGebra Classroom can easily empower you to use these apps and resources to create classroom environments that are fully engaging! You can also integrate GeoGebra activities in Google Classroom & other LMS's. For more information, explore our distance learning webinars.

Explore GeoGebra apps

Our apps naturally help teachers foster active, discovery, student-centered learning and exploration!
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You can learn more about each of our apps here in our Explore GeoGebra Apps (YouTube playlist).

Ideas for teaching and learning

Looking for inspiration and ideas with using GeoGebra to engage students? Check out our Ideas for teaching and learning (YouTube playlist). We'll be adding more to this set over time.