Box and Whisker Plot

Follow the steps below the Input Bar to draw the Box and Whisker diaghram/Plot. Label the diagram according to the worksheet provided. Change the scores in the table on the right and watch how the rest of the data adjust themselves dynamically. Observe how labels do not follow the the diagram.when data are changed. Make the labels dynamic [follow instructions] and test them by changing data again. (The maximum number of data sets has been limited to 20)

Type the following one by one in the Input Bar below and press <Enter> each time: (1) min = min[B2:B11] <Enter> (2) max = max[B2:B11] <Enter> (3) height = 5 <Enter> (4) BoxPlot[height, height, B2:B11] <Enter> (5) mean=mean[b2:b11] <Enter> (6) median=median[b2:b11] <Enter> (7) mode=mode[b2:b11] <Enter> (8) q1=q1[b2:b11] <Enter> (9) q3=q3[b2:b11] <Enter> (10) R=max-min <Enter> (11) IQR=q3-q1 <Enter>