Copy of Static and Kinetic Friction on an Inclined Plane

This is a simulation of the motion of an object on an inclined plane. The incline angle can be varied from 0 to 90 degrees. The forces acting on the object: gravity, normal force of the incline, and friction are represented as vectors. Components of the force of gravity parallel and perpendicular to the incline can also be shown. The object can be released from rest (initial velocity =0) to see if it will move on its own. Alternatively, the object can be given an initial velocity down or up the incline. The simulation will realistically show the resulting motion of the object. In the case that the object eventually comes to rest, the total time and displacement are shown. When the object is at rest (or comes to rest) static friction acts, when it is in motion there is kinetic friction acting on it opposite to the direction of its motion.