Answer each of the questions based on what you learned on the last page. You can use the diagram to help you, if you would like.

Circle With 2 Tangents


What kind of angle is ?


Which statements are true? (Select all that are true.)

Check all that apply

Sement Measure

If DB = 7, what is the length of DC?

Segment - Algebraic

If DB = 2x - 5 and DC = x + 8, find the measure of x and the length of DC. (Select both from the list.)

Check all that apply


What kind of triangle are triangles ACD and ABD? What does this tell us we can use for side lengths?

Missing Segment

If circle A has a radius of 10 and DB = 19, how far is the center of the circle from where the two tangent lines intersect? Rephrased: what is the length of DA? (Look at the question above for a hint.)

Check all that apply