Assessment 1

Question 1

8 of these figures are on the purple plane. What is the proper name for these eight figures and properly notate any of the eight?

Question 2

A plane can be notated with a single capital letter in the corner of the plane, if there is a capital letter in the corner. (There is no corner capital letter in the purple plane) There is a second way to notate a plane accounting for figures that are not collinear, but they are coplanar. Notate the plane properly below

Question 3

Question 3

The notation above describes a ray. The relationship between H and I is not one of a ray thus making the notation incorrect. What type of line exists between H and I? What is the difference between a ray and the type of figure actually shown in the diagram?

Question 4

There are two lines in the picture above. Choose the pair of points below which are a part of one of the lines.

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