How to use the input bar
Useful info not mentioned in the movie
*To the right of the input bar, there is a small triangle key that will open the input help.[br]*Using English commands in the input bar will work regardless of language setting, but you will only get suggestions in the language chosen.[br]

Primary school

Drag the vertices of the triangle. As long as they are not all three on the same line, the shape is a triangle.
Recognize, name and sort geometric figures
Check out the [url=]GeoGebra book for learning how to recognize, name and sort the geometric figures rectangle, square, triangle and circle and practice in a real life context[/url]. We will give an example as soon as it is possible.


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About the GeoGebra Cookbook

The GeoGebra Cookbook is one of the many fruits that have fallen off the tree that the NGGN key topic groups[sup]*[/sup] build. Like any good cookbook it contains recipes, tips and tricks, and useful hints. The only difference is that its focus is not on food but on the free mathematics software GeoGebra and how it can be used in the classroom.[br][br]Made for teachers of the following school levels:[br][list][*]kindergarten[/*][*]primary[/*][*]lower secondary[/*][*]upper secondary[/*][/list][br]Made for teachers who are:[br][list][*]beginning[/*][*]already started[/*][*]have some experience[/*][/list]to use GeoGebra.[br][br][sup]*[/sup]The Nordic GeoGebra Network applied for and received a grant from Nordplus for a project involving GeoGebra conferences in the Nordic and Baltic countries and key topic group meetings for mathematics teachers and mathematics education researchers to be able to meet, collaborate, and prepare materials for teachers and students.