Similar Polygons and Scale Factor

Use the cursor to change the lengths of the red and green segments. While doing this, observe the behaviors of the two quadrilaterals. Answer the questions below in your notes.
1. Quadrilateral ABCD and A'B'C'D' are similar polygons. Move the red and green segments and define similar polygons in your own words. 2. As you change the length of the red and green segment, what do you notice about the corresponding angles in the two quadrilaterals? 3. Can the 2 quadrilaterals ever be congruent? What is the ratio of red to green if this happens? 4. Divide the ratio of the Red Segment to the Green Segment. Round to 2 decimal places. 5. Measure the sides of both quadrilaterals. Do you see the ratio of red to green hidden in these quadrilaterals? Use the names of the segments to write other ratios equivalent to the ratio of the red segment to the green segment. (Hint: Focus on Corresponding Sides)