Segment Addition

Try it out!

Take a moment to explore the Geogebra graphing tool below. How do you plot a point? How do you label it? Can you make a line segment? How about a line?


Then, answer the following questions

The picture above is using a portion of a centimeter ruler. What is the length of segment AB? Describe how you know.

On the graph above, plot and label the points A(2,5) and D(13,5). Then, draw . You will have to experiment with the geobebra graphing tools!
Then, plot and label the points B(5,5) and C(11,5). Find the following lengths:

AB =

BC =

CD =

AC =

The information above can be used to write this equation:

AB + BC = AC.

Use the numbers you found to show that the equation is true.

Write at least 2 more equations using the lengths AB, BC, CD, BD, etc.

Given the fact that EG = 10, FG = GH, and FG = 6, find the following lengths:

GH =

EH =

EF =

For the same drawing as number 6, if EF = x, FH = 2x + 10, and EH = 35, what is the value of x? What is the length of FH? Explain (in words, or show your calculations)