Adding and Subtracting Fractions on a Number Line

The app below will allow you to add and subtract proper fractions that have a common denominator of 20 or less.
  1. Select whether you wish to complete addition or subtraction.
  2. Enter your two fractions. You can use the "Tab" key to move from one input box to the next.
  3. Slide the "Common Denominator" to a common denominator of the two fractions. Note: This will work for any common denominator of 20 or less!
  4. If needed, convert each fraction to its equivalent fraction with the common denominator.
  5. On the number line, slide the blue point to the first fraction.
  6. Slide the red point until the value above the red arrow is equivalent to your second fraction.
  7. Use the number line to help you appropriately write in the solution of your sum/difference.