Zsolt Lavicza

Leader of the PhD Group

Univ.-Prof. Zsolt Lavicza is a professor in STEM education research methods at the JKU. Technology is increasingly becoming an important part of mathematics teaching and learning in the 21st Century. There have been numerous attempts to integrate technology into education systems, but without serious development and research, the success of these attempts had been limited. In my talk, I will highlight the importance of research and developing trials in technology-supported education and describe related projects. Among these projects is Geomatech, which aimed to develop high-quality teaching and learning materials for all grades in primary and secondary schools in Hungary. These materials (1200+ Mathematics, 600+ Science) are being embedded into an online communication and collaboration environment that can be used as an electronic textbook, a homework system, and a virtual classroom environment. Furthermore, I will outline new directions for enhancing creativity in mathematics and STEM learning by integrating the Arts, in a broader sense as creation and design, into teaching and connect them with digital tools. I will highlight topics and examples in STEAM education and the connection between physical and digital activities.