Fraction Circles

Below are two virtual fraction circles. To create different fractions, click on Toolbar Image.
  • Click on the unit fraction you wish to use.
  • Click on the center of the circle and the unit fraction will attach to the unit circle.
  •  If you miss the edge, click on Toolbar Image. Click on the blue point and then the edge of  the circle to attach it.
  • To add more fraction parts, click on the center, then click on the black point. This will attach your new fraction part to your previous fraction part.
  • Want to move your fraction parts around the circle? Click on Toolbar Image, then click and drag on the fraction part's blue point on the edge.
To compare two fractions
  1. Create one fraction on each circle.
  2. Using Toolbar Image, click and drag the center of one circle onto the other circle.
  3. Use the blue points to drag the fractions so that one edge aligns.
  4. Does one cover more area or does one take up more area?