Creating the Hexagon: Step One: Select the circle with point and place it down on the worksheet. Step Two: Using the same Tool, select point B as your center point and connect the other point to point A. Step Three: By doing this, you should have creeated a circle on the line of your original circle. This new circle has also created two intersection points on the first circle. Select one of these intersection points as your center point, then select point A as your second point. This will form a second circle on your original circle. Step Four: Continue Step Three until you have formed six circles all the way around the original circle. Step Five: The intersection points at which you place the outer circles will each have a point placed on them. Select the Line Tool -- Segment, then select one intersection point as your starting point. Select the intersection point that is placed right next to your starting point as your end point. This should create a segment that is about half the length of the diameter of one of the outer circles. Step Six: Continue Step Five all the way around the original circle, until you see a hexagon form right inside of it.