Worksheet 1 (week 1) Monday


Buenos Dias...Good Morning/Day Buenas Noches...Good NightComo esta?...How are you? Bien, gracias...Good, thank you? Por favor...Please Mucho Gusto...Nice to meet you Donde esta?...where are/is? Me Gustaria...I would like to Cuando cuesta? much? Yo necesito...I need A la the right A la the left Derecho...straight ahead En la the corner Perdone...Excuse me, sorry Que tengas un buen dia...Have a nice day. Adios...goodbye

How to get these down?

You may not have anyone at home that speaks Spanish but here are a few tricks... -write each phrase down 3 or 4 times and they will get locked in your brain. -Act as if your family members do speak Spanish and say these phrases to them when the time is right. These tips will help you master Spanish...

Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays Goal...

To have used at least 1/3 of these phrases for each of the 3 given days. I would also like for you to have memorized at least 4 phrases by the next meeting. Which will be on Monday.

What to do if you are unsure about one of the phrases?

Just text me or contact me through Geogebra.