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Construction Of Parallelogram


Construct a parallelogram to be able to explore its properties by following the construction steps provided below.

Explore the construction...


1.Select the Line tool and create an arbitrary line AB by clicking twice in the Graphics View.
2.Create a line BC using the Line tool again. Hint: Select point B and then click in the Graphics View to create point C.
3.Activate the Parallel Line tool and create a parallel line to line AB through point C. Hint: Open the Toolbox of Special Lines, activate the Parallel Line tool and select the line AB and then point C.
4.Create a parallel line to line BC through point A using the Parallel Line tool again.
5.Select the Intersect tool and create the intersection point D of the two lines. Hint: Open the Toolbox of Points, activate the Intersect tool and click directly on the intersection point.
6.Activate the Polygon tool and create the parallelogram ABCD by successively selecting all the vertices. Note: To close your polygon, select the first point again.
7.Select the Move tool and drag the vertices of the parallelogram to check if it was constructed correctly.

Try it yourself...