GeoGebra News - September 2020

GeoGebra Classroom - See Students Working in Real Time

We added new features to GeoGebra Classroom:
  • Teachers can now pause the class to make an announcement or get their students' attention. If the class is paused, the students have to wait until the teacher resumes the class.
  • Students can now join the class with their GeoGebra profile. Their work saves to their profile so they can continue it later.
Besides these features, we are excited to continue releasing a digitally interactive version of a middle school (6-8) math curriculum, which can be used in GeoGebra Classroom: Illustrative Math Curriculum (6-8). One of the next features we are already working on is adding a co-teacher. If you are new to GeoGebra Classroom, please have a look at our Learn GeoGebra Classroom tutorial or watch our webinar.

GeoGebra Notes

  • New Table feature
  • New Equation feature
  • Ability to add custom titles to the individual slides
If you are new to GeoGebra Notes, please have a look at our Learn GeoGebra Notes tutorial.

3D Calculator

  • New Surface of Revolution tool that allows you to drag any 2D curve and create a surface
  • Can now view ratio scale in AR mode
If you are new to the GeoGebra 3D Calculator, please have a look at our Learn 3D Calculator tutorial or watch our webinars.

Other GeoGebra Apps

  • Ability to duplicate the input and the output of calculations in the Algebra View
  • Conveniently calculate the 5 number summary of statistics (Min, Q1, Median, Q3, Max) for lists of numbers
  • Embedding GeoGebra apps now made easier
If you need more information about how to use our apps, please have a look at our tutorials page.

Calculator Suite

GeoGebra Calculator Suite is the successor of our good old GeoGebra Classic app, so we will include all the great features you love in this app and add even more in the future! Have a look at our Learn Calculator Suite tutorial for further information.
On our YouTube Channel you can find more videos of our latest features.