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Translation and Reflection

Wednesday Practice Lesson

Today, you should spend 35 minutes practicing translations and reflections on geogebra. If the lesson is taking you much longer than 35 minutes, you can make a comment on google classroom to let me know how far you got. To let me know you are finished, make sure you click "submit" on the google classroom assignment.

Geogebra Drawing Tools

Use some of the tools I discussed in the tutorial to draw a picture in the space below. Use at least one point, line, line segment, polygon, and vector in your drawing. Feel free to explore other tools to help you draw!


Next, we'll work on translating shapes. Watch the video on using the "translate" tool in geogebra, then practice translating in the applet.

Using "Translate By Vector" in Geogebra

Use the "Translate by Vector" feature to translate points A, B, and C. into the box. Translate them by the directed line segment from DE.

Look at the translation from ABC to A'B'C' and then answer the questions below.

Look at the image above.

1) What vector was use to translate ABC to A'B'C'? 2) What would happen if we translated the triangle by vector m and then by vector v?

Reflection Tool Tutorial

Practice reflecting shapes over the lines below. Reflect the diamond until you have a copy in all 4 quadrants.

Use the "translate by vector" and "reflect over line" to show each transformation described below. Use the style bar (top right) to choose a different color for each one.

1) Translate figure S along the vector v. Color this image green. 2) Reflect the figure S across line y. Color this image blue. 3) Reflect figure s across line m. Color this image purple. 4) Translate figure S along the directed line segment w. Then reflect the image across the line y. Color this image pink.

Look at the images you created in the last activity.

1) How are the images different? 2) How are they the same?