Alternate Exterior Angles Theorem

In the applet below, a [b]TRANSVERSAL[/b] intersects [b]2 PARALLEL LINES[/b]. [br][br]When this happens, there are 2 pairs of [b][color=#b20ea8]ALTERNATE EXTERIOR ANGLES[/color][/b] that are formed. [br][br]Interact with the applet below for a few minutes, then answer the questions that immediately follow.
[color=#c51414][b]Respond on paper to the following prompts.[/b][/color][br][br]1) What transformation(s) took place as you moved the black "Slide Me!" slider?[br] [br]2) Copy and complete the following statement: [b]If a transversal intersects two ________________  ______________, then the [color=#b20ea8]alternate exterior angles[/color] are _____________________.[br][br][/b]3) Is the completed statement from (2) biconditional? If so, then write it in "if and only if" form and explain why it's true. If not, explain why not.[br][br]4) If the pink angle above measures 146 degrees, what would the measure of its alternate exterior angle be?  What would the measure of the purple angle be?[br][br]

Information: Alternate Exterior Angles Theorem