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Amasya Bimarhane

Amasya is an ancient city with a long history that starts before the Roman times. It was also an important city in Ottoman times. Sultan Selim I was born there, for example. The Bimarhane mosque is located in Amasya. In the entrance portal, two small muqarnas are incorporated in the wall on the left and right. This muqarnas follows the line "back on front" and has as exception only two half intermediate units. This worksheet is part of my geogebra book on Muqarnas. More information is available on my website Muqarnas/Amasya. Below, you can see the design of this muqarnas. Use the slider to investigate this muqarnas level by level in order to check which basic elements are involved. For design purposes, each element has been given a different color. Drag the slider to the right for a view in a shiny white color. You can create a muqarnas yourself in the GeoGebra book Muqarnas Tool.

© Dick Osseman

More information is available at Archnet/Amasya Bimarhanesi