Special Spheroid Action: Locus Illustration

The following applet illustrates a spheroid (ellipsoid of revolution) with equation , for the case where . The white points are foci, the orange points are vertices, and the yellow point is any point on this ellipsoid of revolution. (Feel free to drag this yellow point anywhere you'd like!) How does the action you see here compare with the action seen here? To explore this resource in Augmented Reality, see the directions below the Milano cookies (at the bottom of this page).
And just for the fun of it..... Doesn't this ellipsoid of revolution (below to the left) look a lot like Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookie (right)?


1) Open up GeoGebra 3D app on your device. 2) Click on the 3 horizontal bars (upper left). Select OPEN. 3) Type in the code hVtDzf4D. (It IS case sensitive). Note this string of characters = the last 8 digits of the URL for this resource. 4) The Animate slider does the animation. The MajorAxis and MinorAxis sliders alter the spheroid itself (obviously). The Filling slider alters the opacity of the spheroid itself.