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Slope Field Generator

This applet lets you generate slope fields by entering Dx and Dy as functions of x and y. You can adjust the density and length of the field vectors.
You may add solution curves by entering the name of a point in the box labeled P. Using the tool with the labeled point icon, you can add labeled points. With each vector field you should see if the solution curves fit into one pattern or if there are several different kinds. You should check to see if there are limit or boundary curves. The default field Dy=x, Dx=-y+.02x spirals out. You should find the variation that makes it spiral in or form circles The field Dx=x, Dy=y diverges out. If Dx=1 then the curves will be the family of antiderivatives of Dy. What happens with a field like Dx=sin(x*y), Dy=cos(x*y) Mike May, S.J.