Farm Brown's Farm: Posting

Ryan Daisy
Being an aspiring Math Educator, you have decided to attend the University of Northern Iowa. But, as you know a college education comes with a cost. During the summer months, to help you make a few extra dollars, you are working on Farmer Brown's Farm. Today Farmer Brown asked you to dig a hole for the fence posts he ordered.
1. Farmer Brown said that the hole for the fence posts he ordered needed to be two inches thick and two inches deep. Using the tools and equation above, determine how much dirt you need to remove for each post. 2. The fence posts arrived, and it turns out they are actually four inches wide, and need to go into the ground four inches. How much dirt has to be removed for each post now? 3. The fence posts now have twice the size they were originally. Does this mean twice the amount of dirt has to be removed? Explain your answer.