Relógios e ângulos (Watches and angles)

Relógios e ângulos ( Watches and angles) Esta aplicação foi realizada para ilustrar o movimento dos ponteiros do relógio e a relação com os ângulos definidos pelos ponteiros das horas e dos minutos. This application was made to illustrate the movement of the hands of the clock and the relationship with the angles defined by the hour and minute.
Em que posição podem estar os ponteiros do relógio para: a) os dois ângulos serem congruentes? b) que o menor ângulo seja nulo? c) definirem outra hora em que um dos ângulos seja recto? d) tenham o menor ângulo congruente com 5/3 de um ângulo recto? e) que o maior ângulo definido seja congruente com 2/3 da volta inteira? Watching the clock marking the three hours. The hour and minute define two angles: the angle pointed to the bule is a straight angle, the largest angle is concave, measuring three straight angles, and is marked in red. In that position may be the clock to: a) the two angles are congruent? b) the smallest angle is zero? c) define other time with a straight angle? d) have the smallest angle congruent to 5 / 3 of a straight angle? e) the largest angle set is congruent with 2 / 3 of the whole round?