Check out this kaleidoscope by pressing play in the bottom left corner.

Now create your own!

Follow the instructions to create your on kaleidoscope in the space below. 1) Use the Vector Polygon tool to create a shape in the space below. Make the first point in your shape near the circle. 2) Use the Reflect about Line tool to reflect the shape about the nearest line by clicking first the shape you made, then the nearest line. 3) Continue to use the Reflect about Line tool to reflect your shape around each nearest line in turn, all the way around the circle. 4) Use the Attach / Detach Point tool to attach the first point you made to the circle. 5) Right click on the point you've attached to the circle. Click Animate Point and watch your kaleidoscope. 6) If you have time, pause the rotation and repeat steps 1-5 for another shape, and add to the complexity of your kaleidoscope.