Sine & Cosine of a Sum: Discovery

[b][color=#000000]The applet below contains a rectangle with[/color][/b][color=#980000] [/color][color=#f1c232][b]2 yellow similar triangles[/b].[/color][color=#980000] [/color][br][b][color=#ff0000]The hypotenuse of the right triangle inside the BIG rectangle has length 1.  [/color][br][/b][br][color=#000000][b]There are 8 expressions shown off to the right.  [/b][/color][b][color=#0000ff]Your job is to [/color][/b][color=#0000ff][b]carefully drag each expression (label) next to the segment (in the figure) whose length is given by this expression. [/b][/color] [br][br][color=#000000](If you're absolutely desperate, you can click the "show hint" button.)[/color]
(Solution). Don't watch until you've completed the exercise above!

Information: Sine & Cosine of a Sum: Discovery