Proportional Co-Variation: Multiplication on the Reals

Proportional Co-Variation extends from the naturals to the reals. Line segments are proportional to the real numbers they can represent. For a fun applet showing multiplication via circles, goto For a fun applet showing division via circles, goto For a fun applet showing square roots via semi-circles, goto DRAG FACTOR A • ← or → and FACTOR B • ↑ or ↓ with your mouse. MOVE IMAGE > Hold Shift and move the diagram on the screen with your mouse. ZOOM IMAGE > Hold Shift and zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. ENTER FACTORS > As well as dragging the factors with your mouse you can also enter factors into the A and B input boxes. Reset the Applet to the default -ℯ × -π by clicking the icon top right [b](See further comments below the applet.)