Point-Slope Form

In this task, you will explore the Point-Slope formula. We have been studying Linear Equations. Point-Slope is another form of a linear equation. Follow the task outlined below.
1. Move slider m. What happens when you change the value of m? What characteristic of the line is changing? What part of the equation is equal to the value of the slider? 2. Return slider m to 1. Move point A along the line. What do you notice about the equation? What do you think this relates to in terms of the equation? 3. Using what you know from steps 1 and 2, try to create the general point-slope formula. To check to see if you are correct, click the check box for Point-Slope Form. 4. Write the equation for a line that has a slope of 3 and goes through the point (2,6). After you have an equation in point-slope form, check using the applet. 5. Now, create an equation for a line that has a slope of 3 that passes through the point (4,12). Using the applet to check your answer. 6. Now put the equations you found in steps 4 and 5 in slope-intercept form. Are the two equations the same?