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Old 2021 full - M. Night Shyamalan's mystical thriller "Old" tells the story of a family that went on vacation to a tropical island. After a couple of hours on a secluded beach, the heroes realize with horror that they have matured for several years, and one day will cost them their whole lives. "Love and family and all these things that are so much stronger than any fear: the fear of getting old and the fear of death," said Krieps. "She really says, 'Guys, stop running because we're going to die anyway.' Instead of running away from something that's already happening, just enjoy the moment. " "It's interesting to go through fear with your family because it can be the scariest path, or the most comforting path," Wolff told THR. Although some cast say the film is completely different from Shyamalan's other entries, the trailers and film title apparently tease a story that still not only embodies Shyamalan's penchant for praying for our shared fears or "ghosts", it sums up her commitment together to explore topics related to family, remote places, the unknown, and even hope. "I think this film is about a very specific and real fear - our mortality - and [Shyamalan] uses it to create a surprising dynamic," said Amuka Bird. "This film is about using our time instead of being scared," actor Aaron Pierre, who plays one of the bathers, rapper Mid-Sized Sedan, told The Hollywood Reporter on the premiere carpet. But what might differentiate the film from "any other film" by Shyamalan is that it simply represents another "special period of his creative space," said Pierre. What defines the filmmaker's latest attempt is less of a twist than the film's themes, creatively influenced by the pandemic and his own personal life, including his three daughters who encouraged him to read Sandcastle. "From my perspective, it represents this new phase in his life," said Ishana Night Shyamalan, Old's director of the second unit and daughter of the director. "I think it just represents a depth that he sees in the world and the beauty of all the people that is always in his films, but really a little bit on steroids." Old film Old movie Old online Old stream Old 2021 Old full