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Geometry Unit 1 Lesson 1 Activity 1.1

Step 1: Use the segment tool to create a line segment. Select the segment tool then click on the whiteboard in two different locations. Points A and B will automatically be created for this line segment. Step 2: Use the compass tool to create a circle. Select the compass tool then click on the line segment AB (the line segment is defining the radius of the circle. *If you're using a computer a circle will appear. Drag the circle over until point A is the center. *If you're using an iPad a circle will appear when you click point A. Step 3:  Create a second circle centered at point B (repeat step 2 but center the circle at point B). Step 4: Use the move tool to change the size of the circles. Select the move tool then click on point A or B and drag the point. Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of this page to see if your construction is similar to the image below. Step 6: Use the ABC Text tool and type your name next to your construction. Step 7: Use the "hamburger" menu in the top right corner and download a pdf of your work. Use your first and last name to name your download. Step 8: Attach the pdf to the assignment posted in Schoology.