Landscape Presentation



We were given the task to create a lesson using one of the technologies we have learned in this class incorporating part of the secondary math curriculum. We did our presentation using GeoGebra and making a landscape for students to calculate the surface area of the 2D and 3D object. We then related it to the grade 8 curriculum.
We gave the class this landscape photo that was already made by myself. We the asked the questions below with regards to the 2D object and the 3D object and their total surface area. We found that there is a relationship between the area of a 2D object and the total area of the 3D object.
This presentation we found connected directly to the grade 8 Shape and Space (Measurement) specifically number 3. Students need to be able to find the area and surface area of 2D and 3D objects as well as explain the relationship between the area and surface area of thew two.

Sample Questions:

Grade 8: Let the students create a landscape in GeoGebra and make sure that they include right rectangles, right triangles, and right cylinders. Then get them to calculate the surface area of both the 2D and 3D object. This will allow the students to gain the technological skills and the calculation skills of the objects.


Personally, I found that the tools GeoGebra had with regards to creating the landscape and finding the lengths/area/surface area made things easier to find and construct. I like this activity for a classroom because it allows students to be creative while learning about mathematics.