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A.2.6.2 Much Ado about Ages

Write as many equations as possible that could represent the relationship between the ages of the two children in each family described. Be prepared to explain what each part of your equation represents. a. In Family A, the youngest child is 7 years younger than the oldest, who is 18.  b. In Family B, the middle child is 5 years older than the youngest child. 

Tyler thinks that the relationship between the ages of the children in Family B can be described with 2m-2y=10, where m is the age of the middle child and y the age of the youngest. Explain why Tyler is right.

Are any of these equations equivalent to one another? If so, which ones? Explain your reasoning. 3a + 6 = 15 3a = 9 a + 2 = 5 1/3 a = 1