Lines from 2 points

This worksheet looks at lines, starting with two points and then converts the information into the various formats we have for lines.[br]The two points are P and Q and they can be moved by dragging.[br][br]The 2 point version of the line, or L2pt(x) is obtained by plugging in the coordinates of P and Q.[br][br]For the point slope form, or LPtSlp(x) we first need to computer the slope by finding the change in y and the change in x between the points.[br][br]For the slope-intercept form, or LSlpInt(x), we need to compute the intercept b.[br][br]For the general form of the line or LGen(x) I need to show that the change in x and y, times the values of y and x equal the result form a given point.

Blueprint Equation of a Line (I)

[color=#000000]This applet accompanies the [/color][i][color=#0000ff][b]Blueprint Equation of a Line[/b] [/color][/i][i][color=#0000ff]lesson activity[/color][/i][color=#000000] given to you in class. [br]Please use this applet to help you complete this activity.[br]If, at any time, you need to reference the [/color][i][color=#0000ff]Slope: Intuitive Introduction [/color][/i][color=#000000]applet, it can be found [/color][url=]here[/url][color=#000000]. [br][br][/color][color=#000000][b]Teachers:[/b] [/color][color=#cc0000][b]A pdf copy of this[/b] [/color][color=#0000ff][b]lesson activity [/b][/color][color=#cc0000][b]can be found below this applet.[/b][/color]
Blueprint Equation of a Nonvertical Line (Investigation)

Graph the Circle

Drag points A and B so the circle matches the given target equation.

Solutions to Linear Equations with 2 Variables

Solving Linear Systems Algebraically: Quiz (V1)

[b]Directions:[/b][br][br]On a separate sheet of paper, solve the system of linear equations shown in the upper right hand corner of the applet. Once you obtain your solution, move the BIG WHITE POINT (shown in the coordinate plane on the left) to the location of the solution of this system. [br][br][color=#ff7700][b]If you solve this system correctly, the applet will automatically notify you. [/b][/color][br][br][color=#0000ff][i]Generate as many practice problems as you need in order to master this concept! [/i][/color]

2-Variable Inequality Illustrator

Family of parabolas

This applet lets you look at the graphs of parabolas in vertex form.