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Cosine Function Modeling (y = a cos(x) + d) Quiz

So far, you already know what the graph of the parent cosine function, y = cos(x), looks like. In this applet below, you are given a graph of the function y = a cos(x) + d. As you already know, the values "a" & "d" both affect the graph parent cosine function y = cos(x). Your task here: Given the graph of y = a cos(x) + d, determine the parameters "a" and "d". Hint: The dashed horizontal line cuts the function in half. (You should not need to zoom out at all. [i]In fact, you can't.[/i]) As you determine the values of "a" and "d", enter them in the input boxes. Once you're correct, you'll know it! Click the "Generate New Wave" button as many times as you need until you've mastered this concept! GOOD LUCK!!!
For additional practice in determining the values of the parameters "a" and "d" from viewing the graph of y = a sin(x), go to