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Construction of the Game

How can you construct the game?

1.Start with creating a sliderToolbar Image whose interval is between 1 to 50 and increment is 1. 2.Go to "Steps" menu and create an input b=RandomBetween(1,50) 3.Create a second input a=RandomBetween(0,b-1). 4.Form the third input as Fraction=a/b. 5.Drag this input with right clickToolbar Image and drop on the main page. 6.Form a text box(text2) Toolbar Imagenamed as "Response". 7.Create a button Toolbar Imagewhose caption is "Change Fraction". 8.Create another 3 buttons Toolbar Imagenamed as "Close to zero", "Close to half" and "Close to whole". 9.Go to the settings Toolbar Imageof the "Change Fraction" button with right click on it. 10.In settings, firstly go to "scripting" and then "on click". Write b=RandomBetween(1,50) SetColor(button2,gray) SetColor(button3,gray) Setcolor(button4,gray)    11.Right click on the "Close to zero" button, go to settings>scripting>on click. Write If(0<=Fraction<=0.24, SetValue(text2,"That's True!")) If(Fraction>0.24,SetValue(text2,"No")) If(0<=Fraction<=0.24, SetColor(button2,green)) If(Fraction>0.24, SetColor(button2,red)) 12. Right click on the "Close to half" button,Toolbar Image go to settings>scripting>on click. Write If(0.25<=Fraction<=0.74, SetValue(text2,"Great :)")) If(Fraction>0.74 ,SetValue(text2,"Try Again:(")) If(Fraction<0.24 ,SetValue(text2,"Think Again")) If(0.25<=Fraction<=0.74, SetColor(button3,green)) If(Fraction>0.74,SetColor(button3,red)) If(Fraction<0.24,SetColor(button3,red)) 13. Right click on the "Close to whole" buttonToolbar Image, go to settings>scripting>on click. Write If(0.75<=Fraction<=1, SetValue(text2,"Congratulations! .)")) If(Fraction<0.74,SetValue(text2,"Sorry")) If(0.75<=Fraction<=1, SetColor(button4,green)) If(Fraction<0.74,SetColor(button4,red)) 14. Go to the settings of the "Change Fraction"Toolbar Image with right click on it. Go to settings>scripting>on click and add SetValue(text2," ") 15. Now, you can improve design Toolbar Imageof your tool to make it visually attractive if you want :)