Intuition, Simulation, Calculation: Probability in a Pandemic

Intuition, Simulation, Calculation: Teaching Probability in a Pandemic FAU GeoGebra Conference April 10, 2021
  1. Useful probability resources
  2. Intuition, Simulation, Calculation approach to teaching probability
  3. Building random chance objects in GeoGebra
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  • Building Simulations in GeoGebra
  • Building Calculations in GeoGebra Steve Phelps Twitter: @MathTechCoach email:

This spring, This is Statistics introduces a brand new contest, inspired by the captivating board game Borel, with 16 daily probability intuition challenges throughout the month of March! Teams use their probability intuition to predict the outcome of si

Borel Dice is a game dedicated to the intriguing world of probabilities that anyone can play. Players are invited to bet on the outcome of simple experiments using dice of various types and have fun testing their powers of prediction.

Probabilistic IQ test