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Arithmetic deck


1. The purpose is to combine the numbers in the five cards below to get the number shown above them. 2. You may add or subtract or multiply or divide the numbers to accomplish the goal. 3. In the box named "Your combination" write how did you use your numbers using grouping signs properly and it is an important aspect of your assessment (thant means that if you are not enrolled in my class, you may leave it empty). 4. In the box "Verify", copy the combination that you just typed in the previous one and hit "Enter" to learn whether you did it right or not. Notice: Not every combination will lead to the goal card, in that case explain why it is not possible and then find a combination whose result is as close as possible to the goal and less to it.


For instance suppose that the card with a star is 15 and the other five cards are "24, 7, 10, 5, and 1". Then you can combine them as follows:
  • Subtract 7 from 24.
  • Divide 10 by 5.
  • Multiply the previous quotient by 1.
  • Subtract the product from the last part to the diffeerence 24 - 7.
Hence, the combination is: 24 - 7 - (10/5)1.

Now it is your turn

Use the applet below to try different combinations. Remember that the more you practice, the more easy will become for you. Enjoy!