Two charge particle Coulomb's Law & Graphing Simulation:

Two charge particle Coulomb's Law & Graphing Simulation: Instructions: Use “Move” cursor to change locations of charges q_L and Q_L and observe change in electric force on charge q, F_Eq as a function of separation. Magnitude of electric force versus position will appear on graph insert. To see inverse square relationship on graph insert, select point and turn on trace. Use the “Refresh” command to remove the trace. Magnitude of electric force will also change as a function of changing the size of small charge q or large charge Q using sliders. Direction of force flips depending on sign of product of two charge: likes repel, opposites attract. To see Newton's Third Law “Action-Action” pair change slider to 1. Note this is NOT a misspelling, reaction implies a time delay - See if you can observe a delay in the force on the other charge! James Vesenka, University of New England 2015
How will changing either the charge q or Q change the graphical insert of electrical force versus inverse separation squared? Check it out by taking a trace for one product of charges (moving either the small or large charge) and leaving the trace on while change the product of charges and repeat the motion.