Translations Practice

Move the translation around while noticing the change in coordinates. Try moving the pink triangle on its own then try moving the blue. Record at least THREE observations about the coordinates of the triangles below.


Record three observations you noticed while moving the blue and pink triangles.

Practice translating polygons

Given the following polygons below use the vector tool Toolbar Image to create different vectors and translate the polygons. Record your coordinates and analyze any similarities or differences you notice. You need to translate each polygon 3 times.
  • How to access/use the vector tool. Hover your mouse over the line tab Toolbar Image if you look down you will see the vector tab Toolbar Image. Select that tab. Once selected put your starting point on the origin (0,0) and pick another end point. This will give you your vector <x,y>.
  • To translate the polygon locate the reflection tab Toolbar Image hover over it and look down to find the translate by vector icon Toolbar Image. Once selected. Click the polygon you wish to translate then select the vector and it will move the object for you.

How did you do?

Reflect below.