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Lesson 2/4

(1.4.1) Warmup Part 1: Check out this construction:

(Warmup Part 2) What do you notice about the above construction? What do you wonder?

(1.2.2) Use straightedge and compass moves to build your own pattern using the circle and radius as a place to start. As you make your pattern, record each move on a separate sheet of blank paper. Use precise vocabulary so someone can make a perfect copy

List instructions so that someone else can make your construction.

(1.2.3) Use someone else's instructions to create their construction here.

(1.4.3) Use straightedge and compass moves to construct at least 2 equilateral triangles of different sizes.

(1.2.4) Cool Down: Use the following instructions in the applet below.

Use these straightedge and compass moves to create a line parallel to the given line that goes through point B:
  1. Create a line through A and B extending in both directions. Label this line "p."
  2. Create a circle centered at A with radius AB. This circle intersects with line "l" in 2 places. Label the intersection point to the right of A as C.
  3. Create a circle centered at B with radius BA. This circle intersects with line "p" at A and 1 other point. Label the new intersection point as D.
  4. Create a circle centered at D with a radius of length BC. This circle intersects with the circle centered at B in 2 places. Label the intersection point to the right of B as E.
  5. Using a different colored pencil, create a line through B and E extending in both directions.

Use the above instructions here.