Solving Oblique Triangles 3D Quick Quiz


This is to to help in the first step of solving an oblique triangle with a three dimensional view. The goal is to select the formula to use for finding the red dashed value given the three solid green values. This is the first step in determining the value. People often stare at a problem without knowing where to begin, this applet gives practice for beginning to solve a problem. Choosing a formula will begin the three minute timer for getting 20 correct formula choices. When you get 20 correct choices a summary of your results will be shown. Selecting another formula will restart the timer. See the two-dimensional version of this applet for a brief description of the formulas and usage. Note here that in the formulas you will always label the unknown side or angle 'c' or 'C'. Capital letters represent angles and lower case letters represent the side opposite the corresponding angle.