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PLOT ME FIRST: An Activity Involving Triangles on Cartesian Plane

Deanne is a ninth grade student who's currently answering her departmental test in Mathematics. She's having a hard time answering the last part of her exam for 30-points stating: Plot four triangles on the Cartesian Plane, joining three different points for each of the three-sided polygon(each point is provided with x and y coordinates). Afterwards, determine which pair of triangles are similar and congruent. Lastly, solve for the area of the congruent triangles. ∆ABC coordinates: A (-10,-5) B (-10,-15) C (-5,-15) ∆JKL coordinates: J (-20,-20) K (0,-10) L (0, -30) ∆DEF coordinates: D (5, -5) E (0,-5) F (5,5) ∆GHI coordinates: G (-10,0) H (0,0) I (-5,10) On behalf of Deanne who is in need of assistance, accomplish the last part of her exam by showing your solution. LEARNING COMPETENCIES: To be able to accomplish the task, the learner should: •know how to plot points on the Cartesian Plane and be familiar with the x and y coordinates in order to construct triangle utilizing the points provided •be familiar with the concept of congruent and similar triangles •know how to solve the area of a triangle with given base and height ANSWERS AND DISCUSSIONS: CONGRUENT TRIANGLES: ∆ABC ∆DEF •The two triangles have exactly the same dimensions and angles. SIMILAR TRIANGLES: ∆GHI ∆JKL •The two triangles have dimensions and angles that are with the same proportion. AREA OF THE CONGRUENT TRIANGLES: Using the formula: Area=1/2 bh *base=5 units *height=10 units =1/2 (5)(10) =25 square units REFERENCES: •(n.d.). Retrieved October 01, 2020, from •Congruent and Similar Triangles. (n.d.). Retrieved October 01, 2020, from •(n.d.).Triangle Construction. Retrieved October 01, 2020, from