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Kukeldash madrassa - gp and ks

The Kulkeldash madrassa is one of the few premodern madrassas that survived the 1966 earthquake in Tashkent. It was built in the late 16th century during the dynasty of the Shaybanids and is called after the reigning visir Kukeldash. The pishtaq of the main entrance is just soverly decorated. The spandrel has a geometric pattern and a 4 squares bear kufisch writing. In blue you can read the name of Allah in the middle, surrounded by four times the name of Muhammad.
The pattern on the spandrel of the main entrance is generated by decagons, surrounded by pentagons and barrel shaped hexagons. Due to differences in colour the attention is drawn to the dark 10-ppointed and 5-pointed stars in glazed tiles. The uncoloured irregular hexagons filling the space between the dark stars get their own carved decoration.
Zooming into the pattern one can see that the pattern is realised in faience mozaic.