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Soccer 3v3 - Positioning, Angles, and Dilations


Defense - Developing Strong Positions

Now that we've had time to explore simpler scenarios, let's analyze the defensive positions chosen for a 3-on-3 scenario.

Question #1

Before rearranging anything, look at the scenario below. OffenseC has the ball, and the defenders and goalkeepers are in the positions shown. Do you think the defenders are in good positions? Why or why not? Explain what strengths and weaknesses you see in their placement on the field.

Soccer - 3v3 Example


Question #2

In the applet below, move the defenders and goalkeeper into positions that you think will better defend the goal. Explain what changes you made and why. Use the angle & dilation tools to help you evaluate and justify your positions.

Soccer - 3v3 Question 2



Use the applet below to set up your own scenario with "poor" defensive positioning by moving the offensive and defensive players. Try to create an example that could potentially show up in a real game. Write a few sentences explaining what weaknesses you see in this setup for the defenders.

Soccer - 3v3 Create