Lights Out Game

Jon Ingram
Click a cell to turn it on. Click it again to turn it off. Easy! But not so fast: clicking a cell also changes the cells around it (horizontally and vertically). Have a play, then try the challenges below.
Lights Out! Click the 'Randomise' button. Your task is to turn all the lights out. Warning: not all random patterns have a solution. Target Patterns Starting with all the lights off, can you end up with ... 1. Just the centre square lit? 2. Just the corner squares lit? 3. A checkerboard pattern? 4. Just the outside border squares lit? 5. A diagonal line? 6. A horizontal line? 7. All the squares lit? Pick a target square. Aim to end with just that square lit, and all the others off. Pick any other pattern, and see if you can work out how to make it appear.