Dilation Scaling


Definition of Dilation

"In geometry, a dilation is a transformation that changes only the size of a geometric shape, while leaving its shape and orientation unchanged. In the following practice questions, you’re asked to calculate the constant of dilation, and then find the dilated image of given coordinates."  Hint: The center of dilation is the origin

Problem 1

Given: Line segment AB has a length of 10 inches long If AB is dilated to form line segment A'B' with a scale factor of 0.8, find the length of line segment A'B'.

Problem 2

If point A'(9,6) is the image of point A(3,2) under a dilation with respect to the origin, what is the constant dilation?

Problem 3

A dilation maps J(6,3) to J'(3,1.5). What would the image of K(-2,10) be under the same dilation?