Graphing Linear Equations Written in Standard Form Using the Intercepts

In a previous exercise, you graphed linear equations written in standard form using two ordered pairs that lie on the line. Another way to come up with two points that lie on the line is to solve for the intercepts. From the standard form of the line, Ax + By = C, the intercepts may be found using these formulas: x-intercept = C/A; y-intercept = C/B. Directions: 1) Solve for the slope: -A/B. If the coefficient of y is 0, the slope is undefined. 2) Solve for the x-intercept: C/A; solve for the y-intercept: C/B 3) Enter the values in their respective boxes. 4) Move the 2 Large White Dots to the position of the x- and y-intercepts. Click Check Graph. If you didn't get it right, check your calculations and try again. 5) Once you get a problem Correct, click the New Problem button. 6) Repeat at least 10 times.

QUESTION: Recall the process of graphing linear equations using two ordered pairs. Which method do you find more convenient: using two ordered pairs or using the intercepts? Why?