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Angles and Bearings

Complete the following questions.

To input your answer click on the fx symbol (insert math). The degrees symbol is found in the tab "misc" --> Third from the right on the bottom row.

Question 1

What is the true bearing of the Headmaster's office from the Dining room?

Question 2

What is the compass bearing of the Art room from the cricket field?

Question 3

Find the true bearing of the dining room to the chapel.

Question 4

Michael is waiting at the staff room to talk to his teacher. He then needs to go to Dining room to get lunch. After he finishes eating he needs to go to Guidance centre. What are the compass bearings he needs to take from each location to get to the next location? Hint: What is the order of his movements?

Use this information to complete Question 5-7

Jacob is currently at the Auditorium. He needs to get to the cricket field and the art room before the end of lunch.

Question 5

What is the order of Jacobs movements after leaving the Auditorium? Write your answer in the following format: Location A: (the first place he goes after leaving the auditorium) Location B: (from location A where does he go to)

Question 6

What is the true bearing and compass bearing of his first movement? Hint: Auditorium to location A

Question 7

What is the true bearing and compass bearing of his second movement? Hint: Location A to B

Use this information to complete Question 8-9

Sarah and her friends are at Arts Room. They are trying to work out the shortest distance to go to all the other locations on the map.

Use the Applet below to create Sarah's Route

To find the distance between two points. 1. Select the box that has three blue points and an angle between them (4th from the right). 2. Select "Distance or Length" 3. To measure the distance between points click on the two points. How to map it out: 1. Click on the box that has a straight line with two blue points on it (third from the left) 2. Click on Polyline 3. Select the Sarah's starting point (the Art Room) 4. Click on the other locations in the order that you think Sarah should move to get the shortest distance. 5. Once you have selected all the locations you need to select Sarah's beginning point (the Art Room). This will save your route.

Question 8

What is the order of Sarah's movements from the Art room, if she wants to go to all the locations in the shortest distance.

Question 9

What are the true bearings for the route that Sarah is taking? Hint: 1. Start to Location 1 2. Location 1 to 2 etc.

Question 10

Write two questions that would test someone's understanding of true and compass bearings. You can incorporate the school map into your questions. For your questions write the correct answer