Constructions Review 1

Construct an Equilateral Triangle given the points A and B.

List the FOUR steps below for constructing your triangle.

Construct TWO Equilateral Triangles (sharing one side) given points A and B. HINT: label both intersections.

Construct the other half of the hexagon...

Bisect Angle ABC below.

Bisecting an Angle:

1. Draw Circle B, any radius. 2. Label intersections E, F 3. Draw Circle E, radius EB 4. 5. Label intersection G. 6. Draw Ray BG

Look at the steps listen above. What should be filled in for the missing step (#4)?

Bisect Angle BAC below.

Follow the steps below to copy the angle.

  1. Start with an angle(B) and a ray(D)… if you don’t have one, draw one!
  2. Draw circle B, any radius
  3. Label intersections F,G
  4. Draw Circle D, center D, radius BG
  5. Label intersection of Circle D with the line H
  6. Draw Circle H, radius FG & Label intersection I
  7. Draw DI