Sine Wave Investigation

Move the variable sliders on the left - note the chages to the equation to the right as well as the graph below. Use what you have found to answer the questions below - continue investigating until all questions are answered.
Questions: 1) Place the appropriate letter (a,b,h or k) in the equation where it belongs f(x) = ___ sin ___( x - ___) + ___ 2) Define what changing the a value does to the graph 3) Define what changing the b value does to the graph 4) Define what changing the h value does to the graph 5) Define what changing the k value does to the graph 6) Below are terms used for each of those 4 values - please write to corresponding letter for each term: Phase Shift ___ Vertical Shift ___ Frequency ___ Amplitude ___ 7) With the values of a=1, b=1, h=0 and k=0 what is the length of one piece of the wave?