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Vocabulary/Notation/Construction Convincing Argument

1. 5 coplanar points, 4 of which are collinear. Label points. Use a textbox to name 3 non-collinear points.
2. Draw 2 intersecting lines that are labeled using different methods of notation. Use a textbox to name the lines, a straight angle, a linear pair, a pair of vertical angles and a pair of supplementary angles that have not been named.
3. Draw 3 line segments, 2 of which are congruent (the length should be variable, but they should stay congruent when the endpoints are dragged). Measure the line segments to show that they are congrunet.
4. Draw opposite rays. Name the rays.
5. Draw an acute angle and construct a right angle (dragable) so that they are adjacent. Measure the angles. Name the angles in a textbox.
6. Construct the angle bisector of an obtuse angle. Measure the angles to show that the two angles formed are congruent.
7. Construct the perpendicular bisector of a segment. Use measurements to show that it is a perpendicular bisector.