Introduction to Point, Line, Angle and Polygon Tools

Play around with the tools at the top of the page to see what you can create. Try to draw a picture or a cool design. Hints: --"esc" brings you back to the pointer tool. To erase everything, press "esc" and highlight the entire screen by clicking and holding. Then, press "delete". --Clicking on the triangles in the lower right corner gives you more options.
Once you have finished your PacMan drawing, write your initials in the upper left corner. To save your work, you will have to take a picture of the screen and send it to your teacher. Hold "alt" and click "print scrn" at the very top right of the keyboard. Open Microsoft Word and paste the picture in the document. Save as FirstName_LastName_PacMan and send to your teacher on School Loop. Sign on to School Loop. Go to LoopMail. Click "New Message". Type teacher's name next to "To". Write "Geometry Period _" in the subject. Type a funny message. Click on "attach file" at the bottom and find your file where you saved it. Then, click "send".